Ventor Bridge

Helping Bridge Invention's Rough Spots™


Me, Jim Kronberg

Hello, I'm Jim Kronberg. As a long-time inventor with fifty-five issued U.S. patents and an engineer with four decades of experience in various technical fields, I've been helping friends informally with their own inventing and patenting needs since 2009. With retirement from my day job approaching, I decided in 2015 to found VentorBridge LLC, a South Carolina corporation, to help individuals and small businesses over the “rough spots” most encounter while trying to develop and patent their own inventions.

VentorBridge is not a patent promotion company. Those folks who advertise in the magazines and on TV, claiming they'll patent your invention for you and sell it and make you rich? Forget them! They'll take your idea and your money, but you may never get much back.

The ‘Ventor:

My Alter Ego!

Nor does VentorBridge practice patent law. Instead, VentorBridge works in a three-way partnership with you and your patent attorney to help refine an invention, prepare it for patenting, then help obtain the patent.

We strongly urge that you find and retain your own patent attorney before even contacting us. In fact, if you're referred to us by any licensed and practicing patent attorney who's already looked at your invention and recommends our services, we'll waive half your initial deposit. And if you're referred by one of our affiliates, we'll waive it all.

If you have a VentorBridge business card, please check to see if the card shows a promo code. If after reviewing this website you think we can work together, go to our contact page, include the code in the message block along with the other information we request, and again we’ll waive half the deposit. Or have your patent attorney refer you, including the promo code in the referral, and again, we’ll waive it all.